Like most wonderful ideas, it begins with a pencil and some paper. We write down our most cherished stories, ideas and letters by hand, and sometimes a doodle or sketch accompanies it. The beauty of an agenda or diary is it tells our story chronologically, and becomes a part of our personal history. 

The raw and pure appearance of a well done illustration is the root of Pigeon Paper Company. When you receive your order, the first thing you see is our emblem on the wax seal. This illustration embodies the symbolic importance of animals throughout history, both in folklore and legend. The fox represents guidance, for those who are lost, the bear represents strength in difficult times, and the owl represents wisdom from time and experience. 

Inspired by my childhood favorites such as Beatrix Potter, E.H. Shepard (the original illustrator for Winnie the Pooh), and Le Petit Prince, every drawing takes its first breath on a sheet of paper, and maintains that raw look throughout the editing and finishing process. My hope is that my drawings instill that childhood happiness that is often lost in adulthood from the stresses of life...

...if but for the briefest of moments.