Our Story

Located in Sweden, Pigeon Paper Co. offers elegant and whimsical desk stationery and gifts for the young, and young at heart. Our signature aesthetic aims to meld art and artisanship together, creating the perfect blend of quality and unlimited imagination. 

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Pigeon Paper Co. began in a tiny bedroom in Kingwood, Texas in 2017, primarily dedicated as a homemade sticker shop during the resurgence of 90's memorabilia and stationery. In time the store took on a personality of its own, featuring whimsical and charming illustrations that became the antithesis to a  saturated market of oversimplified and digitally rendered clipart. It's carefully curated and nostalgic collections are, at it's heart, a gentle homage to vintage European and American art, often invoking childhood memories of days long gone. 

Pigeon Paper Co. underwent a metamorphosis of sorts several times as it wrestled with it's growth, but 2020 saw a big change for the business with our move from the United States to Sweden. Nestled in the 1000 year old city of Lund, the cobblestoned streets and half timbered buildings of yesteryear became the perfect backdrop to what the store was always meant to be: a marriage of historical European and American art and artisanship, harboring a deep respect of the past while incorporating it into the modern desk. 

Our criteria for manufacturing is rigid, favoring production from high quality European and American family-owned suppliers in cottage industries over mass-produced factories in Asia. As a result, we have built long lasting friendships and partnerships with our producers in the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, England and Hong Kong. Even more so, our stationery collections undergo heavy research and development into historical art that has all but faded into history.