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Curated for true stationery enthusiasts, our Pigeon Post subscription is a celebration of authentic European and American quality; a menagerie of high end stationery with charming and whimsical art to delight the recipient. Every month, a gift wrapped box is sent to your door with uniquely designed stationery, stickers, gift wrapping, accessories and more, specially curated to bring the joy of paper to a new level.

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Become a member and for $24.99, 

you'll receive a box with 5 to 10 

uniquely designed stationery pieces.

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Congratulations! This is where the magic happens. Leave the hard part to us to design and create a beautiful box just for you. Boxes start shipping on the last week of every month. 

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Delivered to your doorstep with our signature packaging, anywhere

in the world. 

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How It Works

What's Inside

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Box 2


Part of the desire to create this subscription lies in a need to bring quality and conscientious value back into the every day household. In a world where so much is outsourced to overseas manufacturing, local trade and cottage industries are gasping for air. 90% of every Pigeon Post subscription is created by family owned businesses in the West in at least five European and North American countries. That means our designs are sourced and prepared with the upmost care, and it may take more time to create just one of the items in our box.


Every item in your box has undergone research and testing to ensure quality. Behind the charming designs is an arduous process of learning the history and ethics of our papermills. We purchase our paper from mills based in the USA, Italy, and Sweden with a history going back over 400 years. Our printshops in the USA have passed from generation to generation, employing antique machines working hard after more than a century. Our writing inks are made in old Swiss villages using the same recipes for half a millenia. 

It's not enough for us to just make 'stuff' here. We want our boxes to be used and enjoyed vigorously, so that everything has a purpose, not a theme. As long as you have the subscription, you never need to worry about running out of one thing or another, and you'll be able to enjoy some of the highest standards of paper making at a great discount compared to our everyday choices. As an example, one engraved greeting card in our store is valued at $15, but it may very well show up in our subscription box for you to sample. 


While we want to jump in immediately and say 'YES!', the reality is this  subscription is simply not designed for everyone. If you prefer fast turn around, this is not a box for you. If you're looking for quantity over quality, this is not a box for you. If you prefer each product with the same theme or items, this is not a box for you. That's not to say you won't enjoy a box of course! But long term our goal is to help our customers build a classic secretaire, or writing desk.

This is not strictly a planner box, or a stationery box, or a craft box. We like to have a variety to indulge different people, but to always cover the basics as well. Our hope is you won't need to run to your local pharmacy to pick up a birthday card, because you'll already a few in your Pigeon Post box, and you'll have plenty of thank you cards to write to someone who sent you a gift too. Around the holidays you'll be able to sample our upcoming gift wrapping paper, and even get your hands on our Suisse ribbon. This box is curated for everyday needs, and to encourage the art of putting pen to paper again on a regular basis.  

What Can I Expect?

Almost all of our boxes intertwine with each other, hence why we opted out of monthly themes. We like to mix it around so you never get bored. Some of our boxes will have letter seals, and others will have a new supply of sealing wax beads. One of our boxes may have a set of classic and timeless stationery for everyday or professional needs, another one will be packed with fun designs for when you're feeling extra adventurous. 

However, we follow a loose guideline of 5-10 items to include in your box:

-Greeting Cards

-Postcards or Telegrams

-Letter Stamps and Sealing Wax

-Art Prints


-Paper Tape


-Calligraphy Pen Holders

-Antique Nibs 

-Gift Tags

-Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

-Door Hanging Signs

-Enamel Pins

-Correspondence Cards

-Recipe Cards

-Engraved Stationery

-Writing Paper 

-Swiss Walnut Ink or Iron Gall Ink

-Leather Accessories

General Policies

We want to always provide the best service and the most enjoyable experience, but if you choose to cancel, you can email us at hello@pigeonpaperco.com or preferably through the contact form on our website. Your subscription will be cancelled usually within 6 to 12 hours, and no more than 24 hours.  

If your box has not yet shipped, you are entitled to a full refund and cancellation if you are unsatisfied. If you would like to return a box or exchange it, you can also receive a refund if returned in it's original packaging and condition.


Orders are not refundable and exchangeable after 14 days of proof of delivery.